Things like driverless cars have been the subject of many science-fiction novels, but how possible is it that we will see them any time in the near future?  Here are just a few reasons why you might be riding in a driverless car quicker than you think.

The Growth of Wireless Antenna Technology

When people think of wireless antennas, they probably just think about the old rabbit ears that they might have had on their TV decades ago.  However, wireless antenna technology has advanced quite a bit over the years, and an advanced antenna now relies upon small hi-tech components such as a hybrid combiner and hybrid couplers.

This technology is now beginning to come standard in most cars, making them far more connected to the world than they have ever been.

The Tech is Becoming More Accessible

The more advanced any technology becomes, the more inexpensive it is destined to be.  Think about how the computers that sent people to the moon had a fraction of the computing power of your smart phone.  The less expensive it is to connect a car wirelessly to the world around it, the more likely it will be that driverless cars are a possibility.

Wireless Connectivity Means a Connection to Other Cars

The growth of wireless connectivity has made driving much safer, and if all cars on the road end up having some sort of wireless connection, then they can avoid any sort of collision.  If your car knows where all other cars on the road are located, then it will never get into a collision with one of them.

While driverless car technology might still be a ways off, it is exciting to know that steps are constantly being made towards such an amazing possibility.